Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dragons Den and The Camwells 360 Degree Business Review

Many years ago, in industry and then as Financial Management Consultant at one of the Big 4's consultancies, I was heavily involved in Business Planning and forecasting.  But Financial System projects became my forte. It was only when I got involved with a young and ambitious hi-tech company that Business Planning again dominated my work. Raising significant sums of money to build a large international business.

Business Planning and Financial Systems have now come together, with a lot of recent work on Financial Forecasting systems.  This has been for Collaborative Planning, where 3 or more people get involved in forecasting, from small SMEs to FTSE250.

It was watching BBC's Dragons Den series that I realised the questions the Dragons were asking were exactly the same as I would be asking myself. But the questions weren't getting captured in any methodical way.

I also wanted to take advantage of Mind Mapping software that would allow the questions and the assessment to be presented in a colourful graphical way.  The Camwells 360 Degree Business Review was born!

Suitable for assessibng 5 situations:
  1. A start-up business idea
  2. A young business where it is not clear how or if to progress
  3. Any business, any size that is trying to grow
  4. Any business that is under new competitive pressure
  5. Any business that is trying to avoid being closed down
The initial review is free of charge, so we can get to know each other. You would be making no commitment to go any further.

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